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Naomi Rabinowitz.
December 2018 update.
NRWhile I was working on this website recently to add a new story, I was shocked to realize that it has been over 15 years since I had my first hip replacement. (May 2003).My second hip was replaced 4 years later.
I wanted to take a moment and just celebrate how great my mobility has been since both hips were replaced.

At 69 years of age I have a daily yoga practice. No one in the studio can tell I have THR except for the fact that I choose to modify certain postures (to prevent dislocation since I have a posterior lateral incision.
(Please visit the yoga page for more on the topic of asana modification with different surgical approaches.)
August 2018 I achieved a long-term goal of being certified to teach Iyengar yoga. Certification in this tradition is an arduous journey but ultimately very enriching. I teach a weekly gentle yoga class at the Yoga Shala in Boulder, CO.
I am now semi-retired from practicing acupuncture and see patients 2 half-days a week in Longmont, CO. It feels good to still be able to help people that way.
Here are four photos taken September 2018
(photos: Octavia Morgan -Yoga Shala)

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