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Bebe Neuwirth
The broadway legend Bebe Neuwirth has been very open about her THR. Here are some of the links I found on the Internet with some relevant quotes. -NR
From Actors Equity Seminar Announcement 2007
"As dancers, we are good at dealing with the aches and strains associated with our profession" said Bebe. "Sometimes, though, we get an injury or develop a chronic problem that knocks us off our feet. Last year I had hip replacement surgery. It came after several years of physical therapy, arthroscopic surgery, and excruciating pain. Add to that the emotional stress of not being able to dance and not wanting people to know about my condition - and I think you understand what that prison is like. After the replacement I recognized how extremely lucky I was to have a great doctor and great support from the few people with whom I shared my secret. And so I'd like to create a support system for other dancers." In addition to a seminars specifically designed for dancers, The Actors Fund will offer a support group for dancer dealing with injury or health concerns. In these groups, dancers will be able to safely and confidentially address the emotional issues and complexities that are specific to dancers facing physical problems.
"My hope," said Bebe, "is that this program will help us all keep dancing, stay healthy and enjoy our beautiful gift as long as we can."
From Contact Music News:
Former FRASIER star BEBE NEUWIRTH returned to Broadway's CHICAGO on New Year's Eve (31DEC06) with a new hip. The actress, who turned 48 on the same day, had her "strange" hip replaced last May (06) and her recovery went so well she decided it was time to return to the musical, for which she earned a 1997 Tony Award. She reveals she damaged cartilage while performing in the musical THE CHORUS LINE when she was 21 and she has suffered hip problems ever since. She says, "I've had a strange hip for a while... It bothered me every once in a while... and it never really got better." Neuwirth was suffering agonizing pain last year (06) and that prompted her to get the surgery she'd been told she'd need. After getting a new titanium hip in May (06), the actress used ballet classes to help her recovery - and quickly felt that she could tackle another Broadway show. She adds, "I wanted to get out and wiggle again."
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