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Dancer Questionnaire
It would be great to have you tell your story in your own words. Please feel free to use the questionnaire below as a guide to some of the questions dancers contemplating hip replacement surgery may want to know. These are only suggestions. Skip questions that you don't feel relate to your experience and add anything I may have forgotten. If you decide to use the questionnaire, you can cut and paste it into an email and respond that way, or you can print it out and send it by snail mail. Any way you tell your story I look forward to the responses. Together we can make this a resource for those dancers for whom surgery is inevitable.
Thanks, NR.
Your Name:
Date of surgery:
Prior to surgery
When did you first notice symptoms and what were they?
What was your medical diagnosis (traumatic osteoarthritis, congenital hip problem, avascular necrosis, etc)?
What forms of treatment did you seek before considering surgery (chiropractic, acupuncture, medications, bodywork, physical therapy, herbs, etc)?
How did you change your work habits, lifestyle to accommodate the hip problem?
How long an interval was it from the onset of hip problems until surgery?
What factors, physical, emotional, financial, etc. influenced your final decision to have surgery?
Were there other dancers you spoke with that helped you?
What influenced your choice of surgeon?
How long were you in the hospital?
What kind of prosthesis did you get (e.g., ceramic ball/ceramic liner? poly liner? highly-crossed linked poly liner? all metal?)?
Did you have any complications in the hospital?
Anything else to say about your in-patient experience?
Did you have any complications, especially unexpected difficulties, after you got home?
What steps did you take toward recovery? (Physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, medications, bodywork, herbs, etc.)
How long did it take you to really feel recovered (6 months, one year, two years?)?
Anything or any practitioners that you would highly recommend?
Moving again
Did you return to dancing professionally?
About dance class: Do you take dance classes?
How much facility do you have?
All post-THR patients are advised to limit impact on the joint and to avoid overcrossing the legs. Given that, do you actually modify your dance class? E.g., are there parts of the class that you skip (petite allegro, grand allegro?)? Do you use fifth position? Etc.
Do you do other physical exercise (e.g., Yoga, Pilates, biking, swimming, etc.)? If so do you modify what you do in these activities?
How has the surgery impacted you professionally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially? Is your life different now? Did you have any outcome, good or bad, that was different from what you expected? Any other thoughts to share?
If you like, please send a before and/or after photo or digital image (jpeg). I will return any photos to you after scanning. Please obtain permission from the photographer if necessary. I will credit the photographer if desired.
Please see examples on the website of me pre-op,
and of Pauline van Betten post-op.
Contact me:
Email: nrabinowitz@I-2000.com
Longmont Institute of Integrative Medicine
1304 N. Vivian St.
Longmont, Colorado 80501
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