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Dear schoolmates, welcome to Literature and Journalism School (LJS). Starting from today, we shall get into the history together, entering a college with one hundred years' glory and dream; we shall head to the future together, writing down the achievement and glory that generations of teachers and students dreamed about. All the teachers and students in LJS warmly welcome the new-coming students of 2016 including the undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students.

Shandong University (SDU) has always been proud of literature and history. LJS has played an important role in the development of Shandong University. The fame of literature, to a large degree, thanks to the foundation that built, strengthened and passed on by the predecessor college of "Literature" and “Chinese”.

SDU established the College of Arts formally in 1930 at beautiful Qingdao with red buildings, green trees, blue sea and sky. Wen Yiduo, a famous poet, was assigned as the first dean. It was from then on that students enrolled by the college started to have complete information. From 1930 to 2011, when we had our 110 years anniversary, LJS has cultivated 10165 students in 67 sessions. Beginning from today, your names will be put into this alumni list.

Dear schoolmates, we are looking forward to your coming during the whole summer vacation. Teachers are waiting for you here, and they will not only provide you with knowledge, but also inspire you with independent thinking and solving problems; The senior students are waiting for you here, and rich extracurricular life will become a beautiful scenery line in your university life. Student Union of Liberal Arts' students, Postgraduate Association, Players’ Drama Club, QingJin Literature Club, and Quehua Club are telling the story of youth.

Young students as we are, are filled with enthusiasm; lively lives as we are living, are accompanied by reading. Let us cherish our time, and our common spiritual home. Let us bare in our minds that we are always tied by learning as a family!

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