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On September 3rd, the Freshmen Meeting of Literature and Journalism School(LJS) was held in Room 112, Dong Mingzhu Building. The leaders of LJS, including the Dean Zheng Chun, secretary of Communist Party Wang Desheng, Professor Zhang Shuzheng, Vice-Dean Liao Qun, Li Jianfeng, Li Luning, Liu Yuetan, vice-secretary of Communist Party Zhang Shuai, director Shen Wen, all freshmen and their parents, almost 400 people, attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by counselor Li Guoqiang.

Zheng Chun won warm applause by making a welcome speech on behalf of LJS. Firstly, he showed welcome and gratitude to students and their parents for choosing LJS. He told the importance of academic environment by quoting Gong Zizhen’s poetry ‘Shaking hands with you in the crowd made my sleeve with aroma for a long time’, and gave good wishes for students’ future. Then, Zheng Chun introduced the history, present situation and important position of LJS. He wanted students and their parents to know, love and join the family of LJS, to care about the school’s development and create new brilliance. He also encouraged students to learn how to study, to master scientific learning methods, to read the books and enhance their own culture literacy.

Subsequently, Wang Desheng delivered a speech. He started with welcome and congratulations that the new students can be admitted to the Centennial University. Then, he used four words, ‘old’ ‘large’ ‘overall’ and ‘new’ to describe the university with long history, large-scale, full range of disciplines and everlasting new. He encouraged students to make clear the significance of the university, pay attention to tolerance, innovation and commitment, master good self-management skills, and handle all kinds of interpersonal relationships properly. He pointed out that well begun is half done. He hoped that the new students can focus on quality, set small goals for themselves, and face the arrival of the new university life with new attitudes.

Professor Zhang Shuzheng welcomed the arrival of the new students firstly, and described the particularly close relationship between teachers and students from the perspective of an educator. Then he encouraged the students to lay a solid foundation for learning, and hoped that students can make contribution for our school years later. Finally, he expected that the students should keep the concentration, stay true to the mission, lay a solid foundation, improve comprehension and method, and finally achieve success in the new academic journey.

The meeting ended with warm applause. Participating students and their parents expressed recognition for the school, and were excited with joy at the warm atmosphere.

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