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The specialty of Journalism is a newly founded discipline of our school. The discipline was first set up in the 1960s, and ceased enrolling students for a period. After resuming enrolling undergraduate students in 1995, it has kept strong developing tendency. Now it owns 2 undergraduate degree programs of Journalism and Advertising; 3 master degree programs of Journalism, Communications and Designing Arts (of the discipline of Arts). The faculty includes 2 professors and 6 assistant professors. 9 professors from China Media University, DaZhong News Group of Shandong and Shandong Television Station are invited here to be the part-time teachers. There are programs of Studies on News Theory, Studies on Broadcasting & Television, Studies on News Group and etc. under the specialty of Journalism; Theory & Practice of Communication, Theory & Practice of Advertising and etc. under the specialty of Communications; and Demonstrating Design, Advertising Arts and etc. under the specialty of Designing Arts.

Last:Specialty of Comparative Literature & World Literature



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