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Maina Gielgud - Bilateral Hip Resurfacing
The McMinn Centre in England brought this dancer's hip story to my attention. I was happy to learn of Maina's illustrious career and ongoing work. -NR
Maina Gielgud had a twenty year career as a dancer in Europe and the United Kingdom. She was artistic director of the Australian Ballet from 1983 to 1996 and is that company's longest serving director to date. Gielgud directed the Royal Danish Ballet between 1997 and 1999. Until 2005, she held the artistic associate position at the Houston Ballet. Currently she both guest teaches and coaches around the world and has a special relationship with the English National Ballet.
(Photo - Sydney, 2010)
Bejart's Serait-ce la Mort with Jorge Donn
Maina says: I had my right hip resurfaced in 1999, and the video was made after that. My left hip was done in 2008, I think - with equally wonderful results and an even quicker recovery!
Here are some of her thoughts transcribed from the video:
Maina danced as a ballerina from age 16 -37.
Towards the end of her career she developed intermittent hip pain that got progressively worse. Finally, when she was teaching and coaching, she developed a limp that was untenable with her work.
Maina reports that she was terrified of hip surgery and it took her ten years from the onset of hip trouble to finally have the operation. She spent six months researching hip resurfacing after learning of the success that the American dancer, William Starrett, had experienced with that approach. She discovered that she could have the same surgery in England and met with Dr. McMinn and he gave her a lot of confidence.
(Derek McMinn was the inventor of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing and is a world renowned hip specialist. -NR)
Maina reports that she has only experienced one hour of pain since her surgery and that was immediately upon awaking from surgery and she attributes that to not using the "pain button".
Here is a link to the video of her story.
Maina's You Tube Video
(It is lovely to see Maina in the video. She is confident, strong and also playful. -NR)

English National Ballet
Venus Villa and Yonah Acosta coached by Maina Gielgud
(Photograph: Cheryl Angear)
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