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Steve Morrall
Tango dancer and hip resurfacing (Birmingham Hip)

steve Surgery
Birmingham hip by Dr Phillipe Renaux at Clinique Ste. Isabelle in Abbeville, France
What influenced your choice of surgeon?
I chose to go the France and pay for an operation privately because (a) they could give me an exact date for surgery (b) I would be in hospital for 2 weeks receiving post-op care and physical therapy (c) the hospital had a good record of health and cleanliness with no reported incidents of prosthetic infection.
How long were you in the hospital?
Two weeks
What kind of prosthesis did you get (e.g., ceramic ball/ceramic liner? poly liner? highly-crossed linked poly liner? all metal?)?
Titanium cobalt right hip resurfacing
Did you have any complications in the hospital?
Anything else to say about your in-patient experience?
Health care through the National health Service in the UK is not a good experience. The incidence of MRSA infections are high with people coming out of hospital with more complications than when they went in. The standard of care is very poor with staff generally disillusioned and unmotivated. BY COMPARISON, the french service was excellent, clean and I felt cared for by staff who took a pride in their profession.
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Did you have any complications, especially unexpected difficulties, after you got home?
I had to learn to listen to my body, and moderate my expectations.
What steps did you take toward recovery? (Physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, medications, bodywork, herbs, etc.)
As soon as possible I started to dance simple moves to build up the muscles affected by the surgery (more severe than THR) and encountered a roller-coaster ride of improvement/worsening until I found a balance of exercise and rest. As a dancer I was physically aware of recovering muscle strength in layers, and the deeper smaller muscles took the longest time to recuperate.
How long did it take you to really feel recovered (6 months, one year, two years?)?
Approximately a year, although I was teaching and dancing socially 4 months after surgery
Anything or any practitioners that you would highly recommend?
Moving again
Did you return to dancing professionally?
I teach tango professionally
About dance class: Do you take dance classes?
How much facility do you have?
More than before surgery
All post-THR patients are advised to limit impact on the joint and to avoid overcrossing the legs. Given that, do you actually modify your dance class? E.g., are there parts of the class that you skip (petite allegro, grand allegro?)? Do you use fifth position? Etc.
Tango involves pivots around axis on both legs and ocassionaly I feel a 'grating' on the joint. It has almost disappeared now at 20 months after surgery as the joint beds in. I avoid lifts and high impact movement.
Do you do other physical exercise (e.g., Yoga, Pilates, biking, swimming, etc.)? If so do you modify what you do in these activities?
Just dancing and a little cycling
How has the surgery impacted you...
Professionally? I am back at work and earning.
Physically? I dance and sleep without pain.
Emotionally? Being without pain has made me feel my old self.
Spiritually? Being without pain and being able to dance without restriction has had a profound effect on my spiritual and creative dance persona.
Financially? I am earning again.
Is your life different now?
(yes) Did you have any outcome, good or bad, that was different from what you expected?
It took longer to recover fully than I anticipated.
Any other thoughts to share?
I moderate movement to prolong the life of my prosthesis and I have to eat carefully to balance a reduced calorie expenditure as i do not want to put on weight to stress the joint (I am 77 kilos).
Steve writes: "Life is not a rehearsal, live it now".
With regards from
Steve Morrall
Tango UK
Southampton UK
March 21, 2008
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