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George Purvis: Yogi with Anterior THR
George Purvis is a senior Iyengar yoga teacher with more than 30 years of teaching experience. I recently contacted him about his expereince with THR and got this terse, but helpful response. I look forward to hearing more from him. -NR
George Purvis
"I had the anterior approach, which I highly recommend over the others, but of course everyone and every case is different. My primary limitations are extension w/external rotation. Poses not recommended would be Vira 1, the standing pavrttas, hanumanasana, to name a few ... but I do them all anyway with no sense of instability, just stiffness ... and they are pretty ugly!
I just had my left hip done."
Here is a recent picture of George (circa early 2014).
He writes:

george "My surgeon doesn't approve of this , but I truly felt no limitation in my left groin when this photo was taken. Surgeons!"
and here is one from 2015:
George Purvis website:
George teaches at:
The BKS Iyengar Yoga Studio of Dallas
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