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Jim Roxburgh: Bilateral Hip Resurfacing: Martial Artist and Triathelete
Jim chooses to tell his story through pictures. The ones below speak a thousand words! - NR
Jim Roxburgh
Age: 49
Wilton, California
Surgery: Bilateral Hip Resurfacing
Prosthesis: Conserve Plus
Date: November 22, 2004
Place: Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital
Surgeon: Thomas Schmalzried, M.D.


X-ray Image: JR New Hips

Sports History:
(All pictures before surgery.)
Long distance Running 35 years
Ultra-Distance Running (50 - 100 miles/race) 10 years
Ultra-Distance Triathlons 10 years
Road Bike racing 5 years
Martial Arts 33 years


TKD 008

Cal Expo 1978

TKD 002

Medical History:
Hip pain in both hips since 1995.
Surgery performed by Thomas Schmalzried November 22, 2004. In my book, he is the best. He was very informative, supportive and accessible. My post-op recovery has been outstanding. I have some stiffness in the illiospoas tendons, probably due to scaring from the surgery. I am able to slowly stretch this out through careful, persistence stretching.
Post - Op Pictures:

Santa Rosa Crit
Santa Rosa Crit

Splits 8.13.06
Training 6.12.05
Training 6.12.05

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute and hopefully encourage others. They can contact me directly at the following:
Jim Roxburgh
916-453-4577 work
916-687-4660 home

Submitted 12/23/06
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UPDATE: PHOTO January 2008