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Wendy Whelan - Labral tear repair to THR

Wendy Whelan, the longtime New York City Ballet star, announced February 7, 2014 that she was postponing a national modern dance tour this spring because she needs more time to heal from hip surgery.
Ms. Whelan began experiencing severe pain in her right hip after a slip in ballet class in September 2012, and her doctors eventually discovered that she had a labral tear, or damage to the rim of cartilage that surrounds and seals the hip joint. She had hip surgery last August. she said that she was working for at least three hours each day dancing, strengthening her body and getting physical therapy, and that she plans on dancing in City Ballet's spring season.
"I will continue that every day," she said, "until I get onstage again."
Excerpted from the New York Times Arts Beat notice reported by Michael Cooper:
Portrait © David Michalek
Update: From the Internet...
After a minor slip in ballet class in September 2012, Whelan began experiencing severe pain in her right hip. After months of pain reducing treatments, her doctors discovered a complex labral tear. A labral tear involves the ring of soft elastic tissue, called the labrum, which follows the outside rim of the socket of the hip joint. When damaged, even small movement can be extremely painful. After months of failed attempts at finding pain relief, Whelan made the decision to have surgery and face a daunting four to sixth months in recovery. She turned to Dr. Marc Philippon, renowned hip surgeon at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado. The surgery would involved cleaning up the tear, as well as the debris floating in her hip that had accumulated as a result, Dr. Philippon shaved down impingements along the bone that had developed over her lengthy dancing career.
Excerpted from Broadwayworld.com link
Update May 2017 - Wendy Whelan did ultimately have a total hip replacement.
From a recent article from Dance Magazine:
Whelan had a surgical reconstruction on her hip in 2013 but avoided total hip replacement surgery until December 2015, when the pain got so bad that her husband had to carry her down the street because she couldn't walk. She found a doctor who used a new surgical method that allowed her to do everything from jumps to the splits again eight months later. She now has about 90 percent of her abilities back for what she wants to do. "To get my hip back, I feel like I got my life back."
Dance Magazine Link:
Wendy Whelan has Reinvented Herself—And Doesn't Care What You Think About It - Dance Magazine, May 2017 by Jennifer Stahl
NY Times article 10/05/2014
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Updated May 28, 2017